YouTopic Fest is a network event organized every year since 2016 in Rondine Cittadella della pace . An initiative that aims to a constructive reflection on overcoming the conflict in its different types (international, social, interpersonal). Peace, formation, trust and development , popular diplomacy, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, human rights, the third sector, communication, legality, environment and ecology, nutrition, art and sport. These are just some of the essential themes of our society that will be addressed to build a new collective consciousness and for the construction of sustainable models and sharing.

The event is an important networking to gather all the Rondine D`oro and the current students of the World House of Rondine.  They are presented under their own association Rondine International Peace Lab that aims to build capacity for cooperative RDO initiatives, engage RDO through outreach programs and open the space for discussing the results of the previous project, their own new projects and ideas to be implemented under their own association. Moreover, the event will be a moment of reflection for the RDO , they work together to plan the next activities for the upcoming year.  

In addition, the Board members of RIPL use this important opportunity to meet important organizations and present the mission of the association and the projects implemented in order to build relationships with new organizations and for their own fundraising part.

With the presence of RDO , it is also an event  for  Rondine to reconnect the threads between the various communities of Rondine that in recent years have been protagonists on all levels of the conflict. In every edition of YOUTOPIC  there are new focuses that is addressed. The program is rich of sessions and activities of different topics. The best relationships, the most constructive ones, start from an innovative working model that focuses on human skills and development.

You Topic Fest is a wonderful initiative full of opportunities to reflect together on the new factors of international politics, which today are embodied in the dialogue between cultures and religions, in the commitment of national and international NGOs, in the disinterested commitment of so many associations , like Rondine, which make transparency and legality, the protection of the planet, the promotion of human rights in the world, the privileged terrain for living their civil passion.

By the end of the event we can see the result of the human and educational path undertaken in Rondine that today are sensibly starting to change their societies enhancing the work of Rondine at the international level implemented by Rondine International Peace Lab.