Youtopic 2018

The third edition of the Youtopic Fest took place in Arezzo, from 8 to 10 June 2018. YouTopic Fest is a network event organized every year since 2016 in Rondine Cittadella della Pace. An initiative that aims to a constructive reflection on overcoming the conflict in its different types (international, social, interpersonal).

This year, however, the formula was different: we have in perspective a great event at the United Nations, in New York, so the June meeting was not open to the outside, it was instead a moment of internal reflection that concern the World of Rondine : the World House, the Fourth Year, the Rondini d'Oro, the partners, the friends and the closest partners of Rondine.

 In this edition there were many new focuses that were addressed. We talked about humanistic enterprise as an instrument of peace, because we are convinced that the best relationships, the most constructive ones, start from an innovative working model that focuses on human skills and development.

Besides the informal moments, among the tables organized during the YF event, there was special moments dedicated to Rondine International Peace Lab, the Rondini d'Oro and the former students of the World House who presented their experiences,  the results of their projects, the result of the human and educational path undertaken in Rondine that today are sensibly starting to change the societies of belonging enhancing the work of Rondine at the international level.

We created internal work groups for a deep reflection on the methodology, strategy and development of RIPL and the relationship with Rondine. For this reason, there were two groups from Rondine D`oro ,the first group is created to be as  strategic and technical committee and a second group for the architectures  to create a more focused and deeper comparison on the future prospects of the two associations. The discussions were very fruitful and the two groups were eager to start working on the next steps immediately after the event by presenting the strategy for the next 3 years and different projects.

Throughout the Youtopic , it was an opportunity to present the first project” Initiative for Democratic and Peaceful Elections in Sierra Leone”  implemented by Rondine International Peace Lab in Sierra Leone. The Vice President of RIPL and the Project Manager, Manuella Markaj, talked about the project, the challenges they face and the outcomes. Beside, we had the presence of one of our Rondine D`oro from Sierra Leone Tony Abu Baker who as well told us the experience of this project in his country by showing a short video.

During the event, Rondine D`oro had the chance to meet with Stefania Mancini vice-president of FAI (Fondation Assistance Internationale) who supported the project of Sierra Leone in collaboration with Rondine. They exchanged ideas and thoughts had discussed the different ways of collaboration.   “We financed this project because there are no examples in Europe like Rondine and we felt called to a responsibility and be involved in an attempt like the one developed in Sierra Leone, we are expecting something for the future, practical exercises of cooperation also thanks to the interlocution with other institutions I hope “ said and she concludes," that the European institutions can get to know you, you are the seed of a future of peace ".