The World House Program opens for 2023 applications

The Citadel of Peace, in the heart of Italy, is a unique and innovative place for training for all young people interested in international topics such as conflict management and transformation, human rights, international cooperation, sustainable development, and social planning.

Rondine Cittadella della Pace is an ecosystem open to the world that trains “leaders of peace”, young people who want to play an active role in the change, starting from themselves.

Since 1998, young people coming from different regions, where conflicts have degenerated into violent forms or wars, converge in Rondine and agree to live together for two years, experiencing a daily dialogue and becoming messengers of peace, day after day.

This approach – recognized as the Rondine Method – consists in the discovery of the person, beyond ideologies and preconceptions, and is rooted in the experience of those students who practice daily coexistence – “dining with the enemy” – during two years, in addition to academic studies at Italian universities.

The World House Program is a training path that helps break down prejudices, become aware of conflicts at all levels, and acquire the tools to return to each own country and promote local actions and cultural projects focused on high social impact.

At present, there are hundreds of young people who act in the world as ambassadors of peace and reconciliation after having been trained in Rondine, gathered in an international network called Rondine International Peace Lab (R-IPL)the Alumni network promoting cultural activities and social projects in areas characterized by rapid transformations, high complexity or risk of conflict degenerated into various forms of violence and war.


The call for applications opens on 15th November 2022 for graduate students aged between 21 and 28 in the following geographical areas: Balkans, Middle East, and South Caucasus. The deadline for submitting applications is 10th January 2023.


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